Florida is a popular destination for active adults who want to enjoy their lives after retirement. Rather than wanting to stay inside all day, you’re looking for a community that’s lively and fun. Before signing up for any place in the Sunshine State, these are the things you need to look for in active adult communities in Florida.

A Variety of Housing Options

A range of housing options will allow you to choose the perfect house that suits your lifestyle. These may include single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, or apartments. The best active adult communities will have a variety of house designs with health accommodations, nonslip floors, and a collection of floor plans to suit personal preferences.

Accessible Shopping Centers

Living in proximity to shopping centers is a must for many retirees. This makes it convenient to easily buy necessities, and it contributes to an active, fulfilling lifestyle. Shopping centers often serve as hubs for community activity, offering dining options, boutiques, grocery stores, and sometimes entertainment facilities like movie theaters or bowling alleys. Shopping centers can also provide opportunities for social interaction and exercise, such as mall-walking groups.

A Well-Equipped Recreation Center

A well-equipped recreation center can play a pivotal role in the quality of life for retirees. Recreation centers can serve as the heart of the community, offering facilities for various sports and exercise activities that promote physical health and well-being.

With plenty of courts, equipment, and exercise rooms, recreation centers give you the freedom to try a new sport, like pickleball, or experience a new exercise class, like Pilates. There should be abundant options available to cater to your preferences and exercise needs.

A Positive Social Atmosphere

While the amenities should be incredible, the community should also suit your preferences. You’ll benefit from taking a guided tour of the facility and spending a day with some of the residents. Make sure you’re fully aware of the social atmosphere to decide if the community meshes well with your personality.

A Reasonable Price Range

The more amenities the active adult community has, the higher the price will be. Understanding what you can afford is crucial before choosing your new home. Consider all the costs of the community before finalizing the paperwork.

Many of the costs will include the initial purchase price of the home, monthly homeowners association fees, and any fees that cover landscape maintenance, access to recreational facilities, and utilities. If you don’t factor in these costs, you’re likely to find yourself in a financial deficit.

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