Arista Realty Group has been ranked #1 in volume since 2016

Buying or selling a home is a big decision that can be time consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail. Not only that, but if there are complications along the way, the process can quickly become more than you bargained for. Choosing an experienced team of real estate agents you can trust is an important first step in the home buying and selling process. If you’re looking for an agent in Solivita, look no further than Arista Realty Group—the top agent in Solivita.

You may be wondering: Is it really necessary to have the #1 agent in Solivita for my real estate needs? While you could choose any agent you want, there are a myriad of benefits that come with having the #1 real estate agent in your area. Here are our 5 favorites:

1. #1 in Listings in 2018

Arista Realty Group was #1 in listings in 2018. That means in 2018, Arista had the most real estate sales (in dollars) in its zip code and in Solivita. What’s that add up to for buyers and sellers? More homes bought, more homes sold, more experience—and most of all—more happy clients. The agents at Arista Realty Group always have the freshest property listings, so when you’re looking to buy, you can be sure they’re always keeping an eye out for you.

2. #1 in Volume 3 Years in a Row

Not only was Arista Realty Group #1 in monetary sales in 2018, but it has also been #1 in real estate sales by number of homes bought and sold for three years in a row. This means you can trust that Arista’s agents have dealt with home sales of all sizes, and that they have the expertise needed to meet your unique needs.

3. Re-established Open Houses & Designed Approved Signs

Arista Realty Group has led the way in re-establishing open houses to give buyers the best and most desired view of any house on the market—the inside! Arista also designed Solivita-approved yard signs to give homes maximum visibility to prospective buyers, which in turn gives a competitive edge to sellers.

4. Real Estate Ads in Reflections Magazine

Speaking of maximum visibility, Arista Realty Group has guaranteed placements in Reflections Magazine, a monthly publication that is distributed to current and prospective Solivita residents. If you’re selling, this means your agent at Arista Realty Group can get your listing in front of thousands of people who are the most likely to buy Solivita property: those who already live there and love it, and those who are actively seeking to move there. If you’re looking to buy, this means that your agent always knows the most desirable properties on the market.

5. Every Arista Agent in Solivita is a Proud Solivita Resident!

What more can you ask for in a real estate agent? Well, if the last four reasons that make Arista’s realtors the top agents in Solivita weren’t enough, add to the list that they are also proud residents of Solivita! Living and working in the Solivita community, Arista Realty Group’s agents are the best there are when it comes to knowing about the Solivita community. Want to know more about the amenities of Solivita? They won’t just hand you a list—they’ll tell you about them from first-hand experience! Want to know what it’s going to be like once you close on your Solivita dream home and move in? They’ve got all the answers!

When it’s all said and done, whether you’re buying or selling your home in the Solivita community, you’ll never regret your decision to trust your real estate experience to Arista Realty Group. You’ll find that the agents at Arista are more than just great realtors, they are proud residents who love connecting new residents to one of the best 55+ communities in Kissimmee!