We’re so grateful that our community survived Hurricane Irma with just a few scratches! It’s a testament to the construction of the homes here in Solivita. Of course, storms are the norm here in Central Florida and there are a few things we can do when we have heavy rains, trees down, and other issues. Water can seep in through cracks in your walls, under doors, and through pipes on external walls when the ground is flooded.

Safety First!

If you have standing water, safely turn off your electricity. Switch off circuit breakers and unplug all of your devices.

Take Photos

Before you start cleaning up, take pictures of any standing water, downed trees, and any indoor or outdoor damage. You can use these as part of any insurance claims.

Use Old Towels

Start drying wet rugs with old towels. Soak up as much water as you can by patting the towels across the floor before using any mechanical equipment. This can help prevent the dangers of plugging in equipment like fans or a wet vac near water.

Get Air Moving

Open the windows! It’s a challenge when it’s hot and you want to get that AC running, but allowing some fresh air to circulate can help dry things out and prevent mold. Set fans up to blow directly across the wet floors.

Get a Wet Vac

Take a walk across your floors. If you still hear a squishing sound after using towels and fans, a wet vac is your best friend for quickly sucking up water that is deeply embedded.

Clean with Bleach

Use dilution of ¾ cup bleach to 1 gallon of water. Use this to mop floors that were exposed to water. This can help prevent mold and kill any germs or bacteria.

Remove Wet Drywall

If water starts to seep into your walls, remove the drywall. This is the best way to prevent mold from developing.

Bring In the Experts

Call in the water damage experts if you have more than a few inches of standing water. They can safely remove the water, assess damage you might not be able to see, and prevent mold.