If creating your ideal space is the most appealing part of buying a house, then Solivita houses are perfect for you! Whether you prefer waterfront real estate with relaxing views or need wheelchair accessibility, you’ll find it at Solivita. Customizable floor plans and amenity add-ons provide homebuyers with the ability to create their perfect home. Solivita houses can even have bedrooms and bathrooms added to ensure your family never has to find a hotel room when they visit.

The floor plans available are extensive and ensure that everyone’s wants and needs can be met. Solivita houses also offer a variety of exterior styles and designs. If you prefer a more traditional style, Solivita has it. If traditional isn’t your thing and you gravitate more toward the Tuscan-style, Solivita has it. Plus, the ability to change the exterior styles, designs, and finishes means you won’t have the exact same home as every other person living in Solivita. The Solivita houses are built from quality materials while keeping an eye on design and maintaining comfortability. You won’t be disappointed with your new home when you purchase one in Solivita.

Solivita houses will feel like home from the first day you walk through the door. You can choose the perfect lot, add stone to the exterior, select your own finishes and more to put your own personal touches on the house before you move in.  If outdoor living is your thing, select a style that includes a lanai and place it on a lot on the water to enjoy the breeze and beautiful scenery. No matter your preferences, there are plenty of Solivita houses that can fit the bill.

Why buy someone else’s dream home when you can buy your own?  Don’t waste time walking through houses that don’t check the right boxes for you. Come make your dream a reality and check out Solivita houses today!