Curious about what your life would be like if you lived in an active adult community in sunny Florida?

Speaking first hand… It’s better than I could have imagined. Coming from Connecticut we welcomed the mild, sunny weather. When we first moved here we spent a lot of time by one of the 14 pools in our community. When we posted pictures from the pool on Facebook our friends assumed we were at another Marriott and were surprised to see it was within our community. We quickly got integrated in a lot of the social clubs and actually started the New England Club.

We love how friendly and relaxed the people are here. It makes me smile when Ron comes back from his morning walk with updates from everyone he ran into on the way. The dinner parties are great too. As is the lunch and dinners at The Grill, one of three on-site restaurants. Then, there are the dinners out to local restaurants, lot’s of dinners out! Our clients often joke that they don’t need a kitchen! We like the small dinner parties at the house. It gives us time to catch up with our friends and a little reprieve from the business.

Speaking of the business… We ranked #1 in volume in our entire zip code this past year! So, not too much time by the pool anymore but having a blast working with our clients. That’s just a little glimpse into our lives. Feel free to call or email us with your questions or concerns. We would love to hear from you. Is it time for you to be in an active adult community?


Ron & Georgia