Join our Real Estate Team!

When you find a great product or service, it’s just natural that you tell your friends and family about it. That’s how we feel about living here in Solivita. Our real estate team loves helping your friends and family find their new Florida home in our neighborhood.

But, we’re growing! And, we need experienced real estate agents to join our team.

Are you right for the team?

  • Professional
  • Maintain high-industry standards
  • High moral standards
  • Self-motivated
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

Solivita Buyers

Our buyers here are a little different. They typically travel here and need to see up to 15 homes in just a day or two. It’s more than just showing off our houses. Our agents give tours of all our amenities including the restaurants, fitness areas, golf courses, and the community spaces that make our neighborhood feel like home. This means our agents are on the move!

Selling homes at Solivita

We have a different philosophy than typical agencies. Our focus values happy residents who are satisfied with their new home over making quick sales. We want to be sure residents are making the best choice for their needs. That’s why our agents spend so much time walking around Solivita giving tours. We truly want potential residents to see all we have to offer here!

Going High-Tech

There are so many ways to reach potential new residents using technology! We’re looking for agents who want to invest in their own branding, marketing, and social media.  And, it’s easier than ever to manage sales from a distance—which gives us the freedom to work from anywhere! But, it means our agents need to learn to use our software, online storage, and electronic signing programs. Check out our Facebook!

Sound like you?

Ron & Georgia Pizzarelli established Arista Realty Group because they believe every customer deserves the utmost in customer service. Buying or selling a home can be stressful, but with Arista, the goal is to make it the first step in a pleasurable living experience here at Solivita. Are you ready to learn more about joining the Arista Real Estate team?