Drive around your neighborhood and look around. See whose name is on most of the signs, especially those that say sold or pending.

  1. Talk to the agent in person by going to an open house;
  2. Watch how the agent interacts with potential buyers;
  3. Do an online search of the agent’s name and see if you can find reviews;
  4. Ask trustworthy friends and neighbors for a referral;
  5. Find out if they are a full-time agent or part-time;
  6. Ask what homes they are representing now;

Ask the agent the following questions:

  • How will you arrive at your suggested list price;
  • Will you also represent the buyer;
  • How will you market my home;
  • What are my homes selling features;
  • How will the buyer be vetted;
  • What should I do to get my home ready for selling;
  • What is your commission and is it negotiable;
  • How many homes have you sold;
  • Will I be working with you alone or with a team;
  • How long are homes typically on the market;
  • How long is the seller’s agreement for;
  • How often do you obtain a sales price close to the listing price;
  • What percentage of your Pendings fail to close;
  • How often are we in contact and what time of day are you available to answer my calls.