If you’re thinking about becoming a snowbird, here are 8 Tips for Snowbirds to adjust to the warm and relaxing lifestyle.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Especially in Florida with our moderate to warm temperatures, relaxed and friendly neighbors, and lots to do indoors and out!

  1. Get involved locally
    One of the first Tips for Snowbirds is to get involved! Most snowbird neighborhoods are filled with activities! At Solivita, you can play golf on our two championship courses, catch up with new neighbors in the village center, play tennis, bocce, try out one of our social clubs, walk and bike our 4,300 acres of beautiful Florida grounds, go swimming, and let our concierge take care of your needs. Check out the events calendar!
  2. Stay in touch with family and friends
    Your first winter it can be tough to leave behind grandchildren and other family and friends. Take advantage of technology to stay in touch with tools like Facetime and Skype. Invite them down to warm up over the winter! Solivita welcomes visits from your grandchildren!
  3. Close up your Northern home
    You’ll rest easier if you’ve closed up your cold-weather home with care before you leave. Follow our checklist here. With these Tips for Snowbirds be sure a neighbor or friend has a key or keeps an eye out on your home while you’re gone.
  4. Know where the best local medical care is
    We’re snowbirds, not spring chickens anymore! LOL. It will give you peace of mind to know where the closest medical facilities are. Ask your winter neighbors for recommendations if you need regular check-ups or care. Check out the World-Class facilities close to Solivita here.
  5. Enjoy Great Food
    Eat your way through the winter knowing you’ll be walking, golfing, and moving all season long thanks to our nice temperatures. Here at Solivita we have regular neighbor dinner clubs, along with our great restaurants, Mosaics, the Grille at Stonegate and the Stonegate Golf Club.  
  6. Transportation
    Decide which car to bring with you. You’ll want some type of transportation to get around the neighborhood and out to local restaurants and stores. If you’re coming from up north, you can fly into one of our nearby airports and ship your car. You might want to consider investing in a golf cart. That’s one of our favorite ways to cruise around the neighborhood!  
  7. Expect a little adjustment time
    It might take you a few days to a few weeks to adjust to the slower pace and lovely temperatures. Give yourself some time to get settled and unpacked in your winter neighborhood. Know that Snowbirding is good for your health! Studies show older adults who go to warmer climates in the winter, report that their health is “very good” or “excellent.”
  8. tips for snowbids bring your pets

    Bring your pets
    Your cats and dogs will love being snowbirds! And, they’ll keep you company all season long. You’ll see lots of our residents walking their dogs on our pet-friendly paths. And, your cats will welcome the warmer temperatures.

These are just some Tips for Snowbirds let us know some of your own.