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Steve has been with Arista since 2018.

My wife and I have owned property in the Poinciana area of central Florida since 2003, so we’ve watched Solivita grow. After our first visit to the community  in 2012 and following with a ‘Discovery Days’ weekend, we knew immediately this is where we wanted to be. We built a lovely home in the Treviso neighborhood and couldn’t be happier!

For me, I’m embarking on an ‘encore career’ in real estate after 35+ years in engineering and program management. My mechanical engineering background is in product specification setting, design development, quality process improvement, and customer satisfaction; these skills are already serving me extremely well in this new vocation!

For you as my client, I bring my breadth of knowledge of the area and Solivita to every encounter – after all, I live here too!  Give me the chance to combine my detail-oriented focus with my knowledge of the neighborhood to serve you. My prime focus has always been on the customer….

“So, I think, instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer.” Scott Cook – founder Intuit

Happy Clients!

Good morning Steve

You know that we are indebted to you. I wanted share what we really thought of your expertise. I submitted the following prose to various social media outlets (ie Facebook and Google) as well as Arista’s website as well. Please see the following:

What a journey! For three years, my wife and I have been looking for our dream home in Solivita. Most Real Estate agents would have written us off as a stale lead; but not Steve LoTempio at Arista Realty Group.

From medical operations to Covid to retirement, Steve was always there when we resumed our search.

My wife and I have a combined total of 60 years in the financial and mortgage industries and have NEVER partnered with a more caring and knowledgeable Real Estate Agent.

Over time, Steve knew what we wanted. He sought out potential properties for us and always kept us in the loop. He was “the voice of reason“ on questionable opportunities.

Steve was our sounding board and an ear when we needed to vent. He always gave us his honest opinion and did not sugar-coat anything.

To Steve, it’s not about the commission; it’s about helping people find their dream home. It was ALWAYS about our happiness and not about the all-mighty dollar.

What started out as a business transaction 3 years ago has developed into a friendship and happy new homeowners in Solivita.

We are better people for getting to know Steve. We are in his debt.

If you are looking for an honest and caring Real Estate Agent who specializes in 55+ properties in and around Solivita/Lakewood Ranch, then you owe it to yourself call Steve LoTempio at 585-943-5010
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Dear Mr. and Ms. Pizzarelli,

Hello, my name is Edward Felder.  I recently sold my sister’s home at 742 Irvine Ranch Road in Solivita, represented by Arista Realty and Mr. Steve LoTempio as sales agent for your firm.  The home was in a trust for my sister that originally purchased it for her.  I serve as trustee for her trust.

Thanks to the incredibly professional, knowledgeable, motivated, personable, and supremely competent Mr. LoTempio, this complicated home sale was simply the finest home selling process in my long experience.   “Steve” represented your firm with a degree of excellence far higher than I have ever experienced in each and every service he provided.

742 Irvine Ranch in Solivita had been listed and on the market for a year with an incompetent sales agent my sister had contracted with.  The home had many flaws I knew nothing about, and had become known in the Solivita development as the house to avoid.  Immediately after firing the prior agent and finding Arista and Mr. LoTempio, the difference was instantly evident.  Steve immediately inspected the house in close detail and catalogued a much needed list of recommended improvements and repairs to address the many problems he found, using his gift of high standards, knowledge of the builder and model of the house, and personal desire to help overcome a years worth of terrible representation by the former real estate agency.

Amongst the problems unknown to me, Mr. LoTempio identified the dreaded smell of cigarette smoke infesting the home.  He immediately instilled my confidence by quickly recommending a remediation and sales plan with much appreciated authority.  Once I discussed the plan with Steve, we immediately listed the house.  Mr. LoTempio then proceeded to write the most comprehensive listing description piece I have ever seen.  He was able to effectively showcase and highlight many features of the home because of his knowledge and familiarity with the Solivita models.  His description skillfully linked the features of the home with lifestyle factors that buyers in the area would be desirous of.  The new listing pictures were of very high quality.

Over the next month or more, Mr. LoTempio assisted me in obtaining quality contractors from the Kissimmee area to paint, fumigate, and to make repairs.  He even lined up and supervised a local appliance repair company to replace the compressor in the refrigerator that had failed.

As each needed remediation was performed, I knew that Mr. LoTempio’s high standards were going to ensure that everything would be done right and to my satisfaction.   Steve spent much time lining up contractors, arranging payment for me, and providing me constant feedback on progress.  He spent additional time ventilating and monitoring the house, and even put in a new air handler filter for me.  With his help, kindness, and vigilance, the cigarette smoke odor was erased.

How could I ever ask for a listing agent to do more, and to do so willingly and cheerfully?  I do believe that Mr. LoTempio even did some cleaning, touch up paint work, and looked for and found a supply of flooring stock we might have needed in the kitchen.

Once the house was clean and presentable, Steve then spent much time and effort in personally contacting area agents to try to turn around the reputation of the house and reposition the home in the local market.  He repeatedly provided comprehensive data and personal knowledge of the neighborhood and market to help set the most effective listing price during the listing period.

When a potential buyer emerged, Mr. LoTempio worked very closely with the buyer’s agent, and I am certain, did most of the footwork , nudging, prompting, reminding, follow up, and sales work with the other agent, to make the offer happen and reach under contract status.  Steve personally handled and authored several amendments to the offer, saving the sale.  True to his conscientious nature and dedication to customer service, Steve always presented and explained each step of the sales process; the purpose of each document; presented each deadline in advance; and answered every question clearly, promptly, and most thoroughly.

Somehow with all his responsibilities, Mr. LoTempio generously provided much needed empathy, coaching, and encouragement for me throughout the entire sales process.  This was immensely appreciated because of the many frustrations the selling of this property had caused prior to Arista arriving to save the day.

Of the greatest significance to me, Mr. LoTempio personally answered every phone call, text, and email within 30 minutes if he wasn’t available!  He was personally available day and night in every case, every time.  Tell me where this ever happens in business.


Edward A. Felder

Trustee for The Susann Dempsey Trust