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Solivita Floor Plans

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Floor plans offer a way to visualize how you’ll move throughout a property. They make it easier to assess the space and ensure it’s suitable for your lifestyle. As your browse the Solivita floor plans, you can evaluate a home’s design specifications, amenities, and square footage. Our comprehensive chart lets you view the layout too! Everyone deserves a home with adequate space, and we’re here to help you find it. The Solivita commons floor plans include layouts from different beautiful home collections like Classical, Tuscany, Gold Coast, and more. Come one step closer to your dream property by reviewing your options.

Arista Realty Group provides excellent service as we strive for client satisfaction. Solivita is perfect for 55+ retirees, and we want to pair you with a gorgeous property. By contacting our team, we can help you choose the right Solivita floor plan.

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First Model Series

Series Model Square Footage View Floorplan
Classical Collection Bach 1,800 homeicon
Classical Collection Bolero 2,317 homeicon
Classical Collection Brahms 2,135 homeicon
Classical Collection Calabria 1,968 homeicon
Classical Collection Calto 2,063 homeicon
Classical Collection Carnegie 2,066 homeicon
Classical Collection Chopin 1,714 homeicon
Classical Collection Mozart 2,259 homeicon
Classical Collection Savoy 2,142 homeicon
Musical Collection Allegro 1,456 homeicon
Musical Collection Concerto 1,314 homeicon
Musical Collection Harmony 1,825 homeicon
Musical Collection Melody 1,774 homeicon
Musical Collection Serenade 1,826 homeicon
Musical Collection Sonata 1,581 homeicon
Symphony Collection Juilliard 2,274 homeicon
Symphony Collection Operetta 2,449 homeicon
Symphony Collection Rhapsody 2,701 homeicon
Tuscany Collection Barcelona 3,000 homeicon
Tuscany Collection Bellagio 2,702 homeicon
Tuscany Collection Milan 2,900 homeicon
Tuscany Collection Sevilla 2,275 homeicon
Tuscany Collection Verona 2,451 homeicon
The Vineyards Collection Cabernet 1,398 homeicon
The Vineyards Collection Chardonnay 1,085 homeicon
The Vineyards Collection Merlot 891 homeicon
The Vineyards Collection Zinfandel 1,253 homeicon

Second Model Series

Series Model Square Footage View Floorplan
Coral Gables Estates Biltmore 2,805 homeicon
Coral Gables Estates Biscayne 2,471 homeicon
Coral Gables Estates Riviera 2,983 homeicon
Coral Gables Estates Venetian 2,548 homeicon
Gold Coast Collection Bal Harbour 1,676 homeicon
Gold Coast Collection Boca Raton 2,089 homeicon
Gold Coast Collection Coconut Grove 2,342 homeicon
Gold Coast Collection Palm Island 1,876 homeicon
Gulfshore Collection Bonita Springs 1,648 homeicon
Gulfshore Collection Port Royal 1,545 homeicon
Gulfshore Collection Sanibel 2,008 homeicon
Gulfshore Collection Sarasota 1,796 homeicon
Keys Collection Duval 1,086 homeicon
Keys Collection Hemingway 1,505 homeicon
Keys Collection Marathon 1,278 homeicon
Keys Collection Tavernier 1,399 homeicon
Keys Grande Collection Islamorada 1,285 homeicon
Keys Grande Collection Key West 1,419 homeicon
Keys Grande Collection Plantation 1,625 homeicon
Keys Grande Collection Sonesta 1,501 homeicon

Third Model Series

Series Model Square Footage View Floorplan
Destination France France Site Map homeicon
Destination France Cannes 2,293 homeicon
Destination France Corsica 2,105 homeicon
Destination France Marsielle 2,343 homeicon
Destination Italy Italy Site Map homeicon
Destination Italy Alessandria 1,533 homeicon
Destination Italy Roma 1,435 homeicon
Destination Italy Torino 1,608 homeicon
Destination Italy Vicenza 1,319 homeicon
Destination Morocco Morocco Site Map homeicon
Destination Morocco Casablanca 1,904 homeicon
Destination Morocco Safi 2,032 homeicon
Destination Morocco Tangier 1,552 homeicon
Destination Spain Spain Site Map homeicon
Destination Spain Aragon 2,545 homeicon
Destination Spain Cordoba 2,980 homeicon
Destination Spain Madrid 2,802 homeicon

Fourth Model Series

Series Model Square Footage View Floorplan
The Majestic Palm Collection Clearwater 2,331 homeicon
The Majestic Palm Collection Cocoa Beach 2,895 homeicon
The Majestic Palm Collection Miami 3,052 homeicon
The Majestic Palm Collection Ocala 2,583 homeicon
The Queen Palm Collection Captiva 1,597 homeicon
The Queen Palm Collection Panhandle 1,978 homeicon
The Queen Palm Collection St. Augustine 1,773 homeicon
The Queen Palm Collection St. Johns 2,112 homeicon
The Royal Palm Collection Boca Grande 2,108 homeicon
The Royal Palm Collection Jacksonville 2,292 homeicon
The Royal Palm Collection Naples 2,462 homeicon
The Sabal Palm Collection Everglades 1,519 homeicon
The Sabal Palm Collection Key Largo 1,615 homeicon
The Sabal Palm Collection Siesta Key 1,359 homeicon
The Sago Palm Collection Tampa Bay 1,480 homeicon
The Sago Palm Collection West Palm 1,359 homeicon

Fifth Model Series

Series Model Square Footage View Floorplan
Classic Collection Cabella 1,707 homeicon
Classic Collection Caldes 1,980 homeicon
Classic Collection Cambria 2,204 homeicon
Classic Collection Castello 2,259 homeicon
Courtyard Collection Amaro 1,361 homeicon
Courtyard Collection Avellino 1,481 homeicon
Courtyard Collection Cortina 1,539 homeicon
Courtyard Collection Milano 1,498 homeicon
Courtyard Collection Napoli 1,870 homeicon
Courtyard Collection Napoli Grande 2,241 homeicon
Estate Collection San Rocco 2,183 homeicon
Estate Collection Siena 2,421 homeicon
Estate Collection Savona 2,297 homeicon
Estate Collection Sorano 2,432 homeicon
Garden Collection Bellino 1,102 homeicon
Garden Collection Bergamo 1,583 homeicon
Garden Collection Bolzano 1,648 homeicon
Garden Collection Brescia 1,719 homeicon
Garden Collection Brindini 1,205 homeicon
Grand Estate Collection Marsala 2,847 homeicon
Grand Estate Collection Pesaro 2,737 homeicon
Grand Estate Collection Siena II 2,421 homeicon
Grand Estate Collection Sorano II 2,432 homeicon
Grand Estate Collection Tivoli 2,410 homeicon

Other Models

Model Square Footage View Floorplan
Bordeaux 1,512 homeicon
Charleston 1,326 homeicon
Tango 1,178 homeicon

Amaro & Avellino A

Bergamo B, 1,583 sf

Brescia A, 1,719 sf

Cabella B, 1,707 sf

Caldes A, 1,980 sf

Calto B, 2,063 sf

Castello A, 2,259 sf

San Rocco B, 2,153 sf

Siena A, 2,421 sf

Sorano B, 2,432 sf

Amaro & Avellino B

Bolzano A, 1,648 sf

Brescia B, 1,719 sf

Calabria A, 1,968 sf

Caldes B, 1,980 sf

Cambria A, 2,204 sf

Castello B, 2,259 sf

Savona A, 2,297 sf

Siena B, 2,421 sf

Bergamo A, 1,583 sf

Bolzano B, 1,648 sf

Cabella A, 1,707 sf

Calabria B, 1,968 sf

Calto A, 2,063 sf

Cambria B, 2,204 sf

San Rocco A, 2,153 sf

Savona B, 2,297 sf

Sorano A, 2,432 sf