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Let’s Find Your New Home

Choose from many award-winning home floor plans available in our communities. From contemporary to classic to modern, we’re positive we will find a model that fits your style, budget, and size. We want you to love your new home – let us help you find it!

First Model Series

SeriesModelSquare FootageView Floorplan
Classical CollectionBach1,800homeicon
Classical CollectionBolero2,317homeicon
Classical CollectionBrahms2,135homeicon
Classical CollectionCarnegie2,066homeicon
Classical CollectionChopin1,714homeicon
Classical CollectionMozart2,259homeicon
Classical CollectionSavoy2,142homeicon
Musical CollectionAllegro1,456homeicon
Musical CollectionConcerto1,314homeicon
Musical CollectionHarmony1,825homeicon
Musical CollectionMelody1,774homeicon
Musical CollectionSerenade1,826homeicon
Musical CollectionSonata1,581homeicon
Symphony CollectionJuilliard2,274homeicon
Symphony CollectionOperetta2,449homeicon
Symphony CollectionRhapsody2,701homeicon
Tuscany CollectionBarcelona3,000homeicon
Tuscany CollectionBellagio2,702homeicon
Tuscany CollectionMilan2,900homeicon
Tuscany CollectionSevilla2,275homeicon
Tuscany CollectionVerona2,451homeicon
The Vineyards CollectionCabernet1,398homeicon
The Vineyards CollectionChardonnay1,085homeicon
The Vineyards CollectionMerlot891homeicon

Second Model Series

SeriesModelSquare FootageView Floorplan
Coral Gables EstatesBiltmore2,805homeicon
Coral Gables EstatesBiscayne2,471homeicon
Coral Gables EstatesRiviera2,983homeicon
Coral Gables EstatesVenetian2,548homeicon
Gold Coast CollectionBal Harbour1,676homeicon
Gold Coast CollectionBoca Raton2,089homeicon
Gold Coast CollectionCoconut Grove2,342homeicon
Gold Coast CollectionPalm Island1,876homeicon
Gulfshore CollectionBonita Springs1,648homeicon
Gulfshore CollectionPort Royal1,545homeicon
Gulfshore CollectionSanibel2,008homeicon
Gulfshore CollectionSarasota1,796homeicon
Keys CollectionHemingway1,505homeicon
Keys CollectionMarathon1,278homeicon
Keys CollectionTavernier1,399homeicon

Third Model Series

SeriesModelSquare FootageView Floorplan
Destination FranceFrance Site Maphomeicon
Destination FranceCannes2,293homeicon
Destination FranceCorsica2,105homeicon
Destination FranceMarsielle2,343homeicon
Destination ItalyItaly Site Maphomeicon
Destination ItalyAllesandria1,533homeicon
Destination ItalyRoma1,435homeicon
Destination ItalyTorino1,608homeicon
Destination ItalyVicenza1,319homeicon
Destination MoroccoMorocco Site Maphomeicon
Destination MoroccoCasablanca1,904homeicon
Destination MoroccoSafi2,032homeicon
Destination MoroccoTangier1,552homeicon
Destination SpainSpain Site Maphomeicon
Destination SpainAragon2,545homeicon
Destination SpainCordoba2,980homeicon
Destination SpainMadrid2,802homeicon

Fourth Model Series

SeriesModelSquare FootageView Floorplan
The Majestic Palm CollectionClearwater2,331homeicon
The Majestic Palm CollectionCocoa Beach2,895homeicon
The Majestic Palm CollectionMiami3,052homeicon
The Majestic Palm CollectionOcala2,583homeicon
The Queen Palm CollectionCaptiva1,597homeicon
The Queen Palm CollectionPanhandle1,978homeicon
The Queen Palm CollectionSt. Augustine1,773homeicon
The Queen Palm CollectionSt. Johns2,112homeicon
The Royal Palm CollectionBoca Grande2,108homeicon
The Royal Palm CollectionJacksonville2,292homeicon
The Royal Palm CollectionNaples2,462homeicon
The Sabal Palm CollectionEverglades1,519homeicon
The Sabal Palm CollectionKey Largo1,615homeicon
The Sabal Palm CollectionSiesta Key1,359homeicon
The Sago Palm CollectionTampa Bay1,480homeicon
The Sago Palm CollectionWest Palm1,359homeicon

Fifth Model Series

SeriesModelSquare FootageView Floorplan
Classic CollectionCabella1,707homeicon
Classic CollectionCaldes1,980homeicon
Classic CollectionCambria2,204homeicon
Classic CollectionCastello2,259homeicon
Courtyard CollectionAmaro1,361homeicon
Courtyard CollectionAvellino1,481homeicon
Estate CollectionSan Rocco2,183homeicon
Estate CollectionSiena2,421homeicon
Estate CollectionSavona2,297homeicon
Estate CollectionSorano2,432homeicon
Garden CollectionBergamo1,583homeicon
Garden CollectionBolzano1,648homeicon
Garden CollectionBrescia1,719homeicon
Grand Estate CollectionMarsala2,847homeicon
Grand Estate CollectionSiena II2,421homeicon
Grand Estate CollectionSorano II2,432homeicon
Grand Estate CollectionTivoli2,410homeicon

Amaro & Avellino A

Bergamo B, 1,583 sf

Brescia A, 1,719 sf

Cabella B, 1,707 sf

Caldes A, 1,980 sf

Calto B, 2,063 sf

Castello A, 2,259 sf

San Rocco B, 2,153 sf

Siena A, 2,421 sf

Sorano B, 2,432 sf

Amaro & Avellino B

Bolzano A, 1,648 sf

Brescia B, 1,719 sf

Calabria A, 1,968 sf

Caldes B, 1,980 sf

Cambria A, 2,204 sf

Castello B, 2,259 sf

Savona A, 2,297 sf

Siena B, 2,421 sf

Bergamo A, 1,583 sf

Bolzano B, 1,648 sf

Cabella A, 1,707 sf

Calabria B, 1,968 sf

Calto A, 2,063 sf

Cambria B, 2,204 sf

San Rocco A, 2,153 sf

Savona B, 2,297 sf

Sorano A, 2,432 sf