A shout out everyone! Roll Call! It’s still hard to believe how our lives have dramatically changed since the Covid-19 virus struck! Each day we see greater impact on individuals and communities. Keep in mind we are in this together and we will prevail!

Our team is doing well. We approach our transactions with a keener eye as we maneuver through closings and purchase contracts. All of our listings have the Matterport tours, virtual open houses and when necessary we show our buyers homes using the Zoom app or FaceTime. Our profession meets the essential service criteria which is good for those that need to move forward during this time.

Our families are all doing well. As well as can be expected during these times. We see this as a challenge and a true learning experience. No doubt we will see a lot of system changes in the future as a result in many professions and businesses!

So how are you doing? We truly want to hear from you! What good things have you experienced since this happened? What are you struggling the most with during this time? We want to know!

And remember, We are here for you.

Ron & Georgia Pizzarelli & The Arista Team