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Let’s Find Your New Home

Choose from many award-winning home floor plans available in our communities. From contemporary to classic to modern, we’re positive we will find a model that fits your style, budget, and size. We want you to love your new home – let us help you find it!

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First Model Series

Series Model Square Footage View Floorplan
Collection I Campania 2,350 homeicon
Collection I Marsala 2,840 homeicon
Collection I Pesaro 2,737 homeicon
Collection I Sicily 2,950 homeicon
Collection I Tivoli 2,410 homeicon
Collection I Tuscany, First Floor 3,274 homeicon
Collection I Tuscany, Second Floor 3,274 homeicon
Collection I Verona, First Floor 3,403 homeicon
Collection I Verona, Second Floor 3,403 homeicon


Campania A, 2,350 sf

Campania B, 2,350 sf

Campania C, 2,350 sf

Campania D, 2,350 sf

Marsala A, 2,480 sf

Marsala B, 2,480 sf

Marsala C, 2,480 sf

Marsala D, 2,480 sf

Pesaro A, 2,737 sf

Pesaro B, 2,737 sf

Pesaro C, 2,737 sf

Pesaro D, 2,737 sf

Sicily A, 2,950 sf

Sicily B, 2,950 sf

Sicily C, 2,950 sf

Sicily D, 2,950 sf

Tivoli A, 2,410 sf

Tivoli B, 2,410 sf

Tivoli C, 2,410 sf

Tivoli D, 2,410 sf

Tuscany A, 3,274 sf

Tuscany B, 3,274 sf

Tuscany C, 3,274 sf

Tuscany D, 3,274 sf

Verona A, 3,403 sf

Verona B, 3,403 sf

Verona C, 3,403 sf

Verona D, 3,403 sf